Saturday, September 21, 2013

Empties: September 2013 (Part 1- Mini CHANELs)

As a Chanel beauty addict, I often receive samples with my purchases. In general, I haven't had much luck with their skincare, which is a good thing- I am already a regular with their makeup launches, and I don't think my bank account would appreciate the extra spending.

This month I got through quite a few Chanel samples, the only ones which I found didn't irritate my skin were the Cleansing Water (Eau Douceur) and the Hydra Beauty Lotion (a toner) which is alcohol-free. I wouldn't repurchase either one as I've used better formulas for the purpose but if you are interested in Chanel skincare, I'd recommend them.

I am still on the fence with the CC cream, I found it to be a bit drying and the coverage isn't what I am used to (currently loving the Clarins BB Cream!!) BUT when I wore it, my mother commented that my skin looked really good on that particular morning. Plus coupled with my new Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush*, it does make my face look rather polished. So... maybe I will look into this again when my skin doesn't need as much coverage.

*Side note: The Shiseido brush works better with thinner-textured liquid foundations, when I tried it with a creamier formula, it didn't blend as well.

The Vitalumiere range has a liquid and a compact foundation- LOVE the compact but can't say the same for this. That said, my friend who uses this looks like she has FLAWLESS skin every time I see her. She only needs minimal coverage for redness around the nose, broken capillaries and has combination skin. Chanel does some pretty good makeup bases and foundations, I would definitely recommend them as well.

Total mini Chanel empties; 10- which brings my current total to 200.

I still have a few more skincare and many more makeup samples to go through; and this is not including the retail-sized products-

For Chanel beauty items, I am currently using the Sheer Illuminating Base which is pretty good, as well as the Les Beiges powder and most of my blushers are Chanels which are beautiful. With skincare, I still have the Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend trio to open up as well as a Hydra Beauty Gel-Creme Moisturizer.

Is there a Chanel skincare/beauty product which you love? Please do recommend!

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  1. Wow! So many samples! Your skin doesn't mind trying or switching out skin care products that often? Coz i've got a few samples from ysl, kiehl's and bobbi brown that I'm too scared to try :( how does the chanel powder sample come? Like, what container do they come in and how many grams of powder do you get? Loving your blog!