Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kitchen: Easy Comfort Food

Simple comfort food which hits the spot every time. 

Plain rice porridge (or congee, they're the same I think) with sides:
I only have this at home and our little spread usually includes pickled cabbage, fried Spam, canned black bean fish, salted eggs and the green stuff in the jar is actually shredded olive. Super delicious.

A dish which I have discovered recently and really like is the Baked Sushi Rice from Cocobella Ballerina:

Very easy to put together, I forgot the spring onion but it was still delicious. Not heavy at all and so so addictive! Everyone in the family loved it. Success!

Another recipe which I came across (also on Cocobella Ballerina) was the Shepard's Pie which I modified a little..

The mince was made with a recipe I always use for sloppy joes or bolognaise, but the mash was made as per the link above. I've never had cauliflower in my mash before and now I don't think I will make it without ever again. It was really good and I liked the different textures in my mash, a mix of smooth potato and bits of crunchy cauliflower. Yums! Plus, more cauliflower = less carbs as well, WIN! :D Thank you for sharing your recipes, Lisa!

I'm a sucker for one-pot-wonders and I have a folder of recipes (cut-outs from magazines as well as saved from blogs/websites online) which I have yet to attempt. Minimal prepping, easy to make, everything goes into one pot/dish, less cleaning up.. what's not to like?

Hoping to have some time this weekend to make another recipe I've been eye-ing.. Chicken Rice! The recipe I've saved has instructions for everything, from the chicken to the rice and even the tangy, pungent, chilli sauce. Mmmmmm. Getting hungry thinking bout it.

On a side note, I only have one more week to complete the Kyoto Ancient Walk paper structure! Eeeps!!


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! you made not 1 but 2 of my recipes LOLOL! you have no idea how excited/giddy that makes me i love it!! i hope they were tasty lol. i'm never too sure about my cooking skills. i am my husband likes it.. but he doesn't really have a choice HAHAHA :p

    all of the food you made looks so tasty!! i'm really happy your family enjoyed them.. oh man i haven't had congee in so long.. i love eating mine w/ thousand year old eggs and soft tofu w/ oyster sauce on it and picked cucumbers yum yum yum!

    i love one pot wonders too it justs makes life so much easier i feel like lol :p i can't wait to see your chicken rice recipe i'll have to try my hand at it when you post the recipe :)

    we are returning to the states soon i'm excited! i've missed the comforts of the states.. there's really something to be said about having ppl understand you/understanding them when you go anywhere lols.

    i'm so so glad you enjoyed the weight loss series.. i mean it definitely didn't happen over night for me.. 2 years and counting at this point really and i'm still not TOTALLY there yet but slow and steady wins the race!! but definitely making the small everyday changes (like doing some cauliflower in your potatoes!! :) makes all the difference in the long run!

    1. Your recipes are so easy to follow and they are so delicious too! haha I've never had congee with soft tofu and oyster sauce, maybe I will try that combi the next time.

      All the best with the major move, enjoy the rest of your stay in Germany!

      Also, thank you for the encouragement! Am definitely going to work harder this year :D #broccolishortage2014 LOL

  2. Completely with you on the one pot wonders! So far, I only have 1 pot chili under my belt but that shepard's pie looks mighty tasty, definitely need to try making it sometime soon.

    1. HAHA I guess there are quite a few of us who feel the same way about one pot wonders :D I do enjoy eating pot chilli (over fries, on toast, by the bowl haha) but I've never attempted making it.. somehow I have an impression that there would be lots of prepping/hours needed to make a good bowl of chilli. Please do share your recipe.. I would love to attempt it!

  3. Oh gosh... everything looks so delish!!!! :D I am so with you on the one pot wonders, they are just so darn easy and efficient :)
    Phoebe | Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.