Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cleaning Silver Jewellery

Last weekend I set about to clean my most worn silver jewellery. I try to do this every few months but I think the last time I polished them was 6 months ago?

Most of them are in okay condition, the 2 most affected pieces were the Tiffany heart and the Thomas Sabo charms. I usually clean silver with a silver polish and then buffed with a soft cloth.

The silver polish I have used was bought from Tiffany & Co, it isn't expensive and because you only need a few sprays each cleaning session, the huge bottle really does last a long time. However, this product isn't available in all countries. Mine was picked up in Melbourne, Australia but when I asked the store in Kuala Lumpur recently, they didn't carry it.

A handful of tarnished, yellowing silver jewellery
Before... (how gross is that heart pendant lol)
As good as new after the polish session! So shiny and clean now. If you have heaps of silver jewellery and don't mind cleaning them yourself, this polish is worth picking up.

Aside from doing this I also made Chicken rice, baked a banana cake (both were successful!!! yay) and spent 2 hours building the 2nd floor of the DIY project. It was a productive weekend!

Will share the recipes soon, have a good weekend ahead (: 

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  1. oh man you're soo so good. i have a ton of tiffany jewelry from when i use to work at tiffanys. and i never wear them anymore. because they're all tarnished and i'm so lazy HAHA. yours look so shiny now!! well done!!

    banana cake sounds delish! can't wait to see your recipe :)

    lols no just a quick trip to london. honestly i feel like i've done enough traveling through europe to last me a lifetime.. i'm just eager to get back to the states hehe :p