Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Damage control

I have a rule whereby I only buy a pair of new shoes if I throw or give at least a pair away. I came back from Melb with soooo many pairs of shoes, some of them are still in storage- some in their individual boxes and some clingwrapped. I used to have an unhealthy addiction with shoes. If you lived with me, you'd know.

Shoes are just shoes to me.. From Marc Jacobs to Vincci, I wear em all. Taking my heels out and appreciating their beauty puts a smile on my face. I'm weird I know. Here's what I wore on the first day of Stocktake:

Disney for Target..

These havent been worn for almost 2 years!! I only just took them out of storage :s the rubber sides have been snapped, I think I'm on my tippy toes too much even when I wear sneakers. Proves that my feet have grown to love flats and heels :D

One more day of Stocktake and I will be in heels again.

By the way, I better hide these before I finish them up all by myself!!


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