Monday, November 15, 2010

Drama drama

You can't talk to someone who has decided to shut down and not listen.


So much drama today, probably making up for the drama-less year I have had.

On a happier note, I got these babies at only MYR42.

Sooo stoked because I actually wanted to get them a few months back at FULL price!

It's always good when you purchase things for less than what you intended to pay.

Oh! In accordance with my "Shoes Rule", the pair of shoes I wore on Stocktake Day 3 is finally going into the bin. It has been re-soled so many times I can actually buy two new pairs of shoes with the amount of money.

My best pair of black flats, surprisingly from Big W! They do decent shoes at really cheap prices. These babies have been through Uni with me, to the tulip farm, braving 3 Melb winters, 1 year in storage and countless shopping trips (cause they are so comfy). It's time to say bye bye :c

But not until I find a replacement. I actually stepped into.. *wait for it* haha.. *wait for it* CROCS! Omg I know I should have been shot dead haha but Jagi wears em so they can't be that bad *self assure*, plus they have really cute ballerinas too. May actually buy a pair as they're kinda like the Melissa jelly flats. Okay maybe not as stylish.

Countdown: 3 more days till the cat returns!

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