Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet tooth..

Fuggin awesome.. Milky, moist, soft, a lil chewy.. Smells sooooo good too. Will def get some to share with the girls. Vv, don't be angry k.. It's really too good to pass up!

This one? Nothing to shout about. Both bought at Isetan Japan Fair. Ends this week so I'm gonna grab all the White Milk Cakes I can /om nom nom

I was at the dentist 30 mins ago to fix my sweet tooth. Yep, it fell off again. And no, it's not cause of a cavity. I have perfectly healthy teeth. I just brush too hard and often that it's now all sensitive and I don't even know I have teeth sensitivity cause I rarely have cold drinks. I can't put a crown on it cause it's too small so a filling will have to do. FML. So much for having clean teeth.

The first time it chipped was in June and I was actually having a muesli bar. Oh wells I jut gotta refrain from crunching candy or chewing gum or nibbling at stuff with my two front teeth.


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