Monday, November 19, 2012

Empties: October 2012

This is going to be a long a post- I managed to finish up so many products in October!! Am really happy with the progress, at this rate hopefully I would be able to have a clean slate by middle of next year. Or at least drastically minimize my stash to fit in one drawer. 

Out of everything below, the only products which I opened in September/October were:
  • boscia Clear Complexion Set 
  • sukin Hydrating Mist Toner
  • shu uemura red:juvenus Trial kit
  • CLARINS Total Body Lift Trials
1. shu uemura red:juvenus Emulsion and Concentrate [Trial]
This was a gift with purchase, the scent for the red:juvenus line reminds me a little of berries (pomegranate extract is one of the ingredients) and I like it much better compared to their hydration line. It is meant to revitalize your skin by boosting energy flow. Unfortunately my face did not take to well to these 2 products and broke out, I suspect its a common ingredient used in their other skincare as well. The texture is great, easily absorbed but it made me break out so I used it on my neck instead. Performance wise, my neck and chest did feel more supple and smooth. Repurchase? No.

2. sukin Hydrating Mist Toner, 125ml 
LOVE LOVE LOVE! Alcohol and paraben-free, plus it comes with a low price tag. Can't ask for more! The scent is a light rose, not the stinky kind and this bottle lasted me 1.5 months used twice a day somedays even more. It soothes, hydrates and calms my skin down. This product has made it to my must-have list. Repurchase? Definitely! Am using another mist this month and it pales in comparison to this.

3. DARPHIN Intral Toner and 4. Serum 
One of the few plant-based brands out in the market, the Intral line smells really nice and comforting and is used mainly to soothe red and sensitive skin. I used cotton pads soaked in this toner as a mask and the serum was given by my sister who didn't use it anymore. The toner does leave my skin less sensitive but that was before I became a hardcore mist-er; the serum was just okay for me though there are many who swear by it (just Google). Repurchase? No, the toner was nice as a mask but I had to use something like 20 pumps to cover my entire face (the cotton pads were already halved), and the serum is too expensive plus it didn't give me great results.

5. CLINIQUE Turnaround Overnight Moisturizer [Sample] 
Supposed to do what the jar says for the face, but I used it on my neck instead. I used CLINIQUE as a teen and it dried my skin out horribly! Never touched any of their products since. I find their products rather harsh so I sued this on my neck instead. Repurchase? No, didnt feel any difference after using it for almost 2 weeks.

6. GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Up-Lifting Eye Care [Sample] 
This eye cream "helps reduce the visible signs of aging and fatigue around the eye area; smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines, firming the eye contour and creating a lifting effect with properties to reduce puffiness and dark circles". Eye care samples usually last me for a little over a month and this is my 2nd sample (first was Sisley) in a row. I really like this! It doesn't irritate my eyes and it made my eye area very supple and smooth. This worked even better than Sisley! Repurchase? I haven't checked out the price but if it is reasonable I would definitely consider it.

7. L'oreal Derma Genesis Serum 
This was an impulse buy whilst visiting Melbourne early this year-  think it was going for AUD10 (MYR30 or something). It has a very strong perfume-y scent and I had qualms using it on my face so it ended up on my neck. Repurchase? No, too perfumed plus didn't feel any difference on my skin.

8. CLARINS White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum
My mother has been a long time user of this brand and a lot of times she would buy products for my sister and I without asking us- this is one of them. I've used their Whitening serums on-off since they launched and the formula changes every 2 year or so, something to do with constant improvement of ingredients used. There is a pleasant flower-like scent to it and it absorbs well. Repurchase? Am considering phasing out Whitening products, but I would repurchase this the moment my face shows any signs of dullness.

9. KOSMEA Daily Facial Exfoliant
I received this in a GlossyBox, its a exfoliator for all skin types made with rushed rose hips and camomile flowers. The scent is something I really like, quite "natural" and the texture was also comfortable on my skin. The first time I used it, I thought there was oil (from the product) left on my skin after rinsing because when I touched my still-wet face it sorta glided. Upon closer examination and after drying my skin, I realized that my face was supple and the oil was absorbed! My skin didn't feel raw or sensitive from this at all. LOVE! Repurchase? Yes, if it is available where I live.

10. CHANEL Le Blanc Moisturizer & 11. Serum [Sample] 
I have held out opening any full sized moisturizer because I want to test out the Ole Henriksen set (as a whole) next, hence the sample sizes. As with all CHANEL products, these were also scented but it doesn't linger for long. I am surprised that CHANEL skincare doesn't break me out despite the scent (or I could be unconsciously biased), I've used up full sized bottles of their cleansers without any problems. The serum can be used over the eyes and is easily absorbed. The moisturizer is generally okay too but only for day use- it wasn't hydrating enough for night time. Repurchase? I do like it but no, whitening isn't a priority for me at the moment.

Cleansers: shu uemura, Kao, GARNIER
12. shu uemura Brightening Cleansing Oil, 450ml 
One of the better cleansing oils I have used, its supposed to brighten my skin- I use this every night to remove makeup and follow up with a cleanser afterwards. It removes the super-long-lasting Bobbi Brown Gel liner easily and my skin is left clean and supple. I can't vouch for the brightening effect, infact I don't think it really helped. I much prefer the original version. Repurchase? No! Its FOURHUNDREDANDFIFTYFREAKIN MLs!! I've been using the 150ml one previously and figured I could just save and get the bigger bottle but no way am I attempting anything this huge again. Unless I only have ONE makeup remover open.

13. Kao Perfect Whip Foam 
A second bottle passed on from my sister. Reviewed hereRepurchase? No.

14. GARNIER Multi-Action Scrub 
This is an anti-acne and scar cleanser meant to be used everyday, but I use it on-off as a scrub. It gets too drying if I use it too frequently. A good non-abrasive scrub which is very affordable. Repurchase? No, makes my skin a wee bit dry after each wash.

boscia Clear Complexion kit
15. 16. 17. 18. boscia Clear Complexion Tonic, Treatment, Cleanser & Moisturizer kit
Made in Japan and touted as one of the more effective and gentler acne-fighting products made with plants, I had to give this a go. I used the complete set together and they lasted me for a month. This is the first range that I've used that didnt dry my skin out or cause any sensitivity. I like how gentle it is and effective too. I liked everything except the moisturizer which balls up, so I could only use that at night. Repurchase? After clearing out my existing products and if I still have troubled skin, I would definitely get the gel treatment and cleanser.

Body: Rosette x Hello Kitty, Etude House, L'OCCITANE, Kao Essential
19. Rosette x Hello Kitty Apple Gommage 
A face peel but I used it on my body instead. Previously reviewed hereRepurchase? No.

20. Etude House Petit Bijou Soft Body Wash, 200ml 
A gentle, dermatologist tested body wash which smells like baby powder to me. I stocked up on quite a few of these when Etude House was having a promotion. Repurchase? No, I have 2 more bottles and you'll be seeing this again in November's Empties.

21. L'OCCITANE Cherry Blossom hand cream, 75ml 
I had this on my work desk, the scent is nice and not overpowering. Absorbs well and fast, keeps my hands and arms well moisturized. I like it that its a twist-lock tube, very convenient. Repurchase? No, I have quite a few hand lotions to get through. Maybe in the future. 

22. Kao Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask 
My absolute favourite drugstore hair mask. Last reviewed here in May, one tub usually lasts me about 2 months but I was using up samples and other trial conditioner inbetween the months. Repurchase? Yes, unless I can find a product just as good locally. I currently puchase this via or on overseas trips.

Misc: CHANEL empty Vitalumiere pan, CLARINS
23. CHANEL Vitalumiere Compact Powder (removed from case) 
A compact powder which I have repurchased since 2010, I LOVE this compact powder and would recommend it to anyone who's looking to try a foundation from CHANEL. Repurchase? Not at the moment, I've been using more BB creams these days and I use a dusting powder to set my face. Plus I would like to try MAC's Studio FIx compact, I received a sample and it looked so good on!

24, 25, 26. CLARINS Total Body Lift [Trials] 
A body contouring gel which smells refreshing and tingles as you rub it in. Left my legs smooth and toned like seriously! I used this nightly for a whole month using the technique advised and I could definitely see and feel a difference. I have quite a few of these lying around (some are from the old formula), they were GWPs from previous purchases. Repurchase? Most probably, after I finish up the other trials I have.

Thrown Out: Avene, HolikaHolika
27. Avene Cleanance K moisturizer
This is my 3rd bottle of this moisturizer, it's meant to help eliminate blackheads and blemishes and it worked very well for me until they reformulated the product. The previous was more creamy and didn't sting as much as this when I applied it. I'm not sure if this is actually meant to sting a little or not but I assumed it did. Threw it out cause I'm now totally against anything that stings/is abrasive. Repurchase? No.

28. HolikaHolika 3 Seconds Starter, Collagen 
This is meant to be used after cleansing, before the toner as it "preps" the skin for the other products to follow. I was previously using the Hyaluronic Acid version and this pink one is a Collagen version. They both feel the same, however the scent is different. I threw this out because i don't think it did much for my skin plus it was an additional step in my regime. Repurchase? No.

Random Picture:
Reformulated over the years.. the latest is the High Definition Body Lift

Total products emptied: 26
Total thrown out: 2
Total: 28
Total Feb - October: 107!!!!!


  1. It always remain a mystery to me how you can manage to finish SO many products in just 1 month! O_o

    1. It's no mystery! HAHA most of my products are already used halfway, then I decide to "save" the product or it didnt work well so I put them aside.. hehe Im merely finishing up old products!!

  2. Hi there. May i know where to get Kosmea rosehip oil in Malaysia?

    1. Hi there, I haven't come across any Kosmea counters in Malaysia. I bought mine when I was in Australia. Perhaps you can try buying directly from their site: