Thursday, October 17, 2013

Current Beauty Loves: October

In love with these beauty buys from the past months..

Read about the Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base on Jennypurr's Blog and it is perfect for toning down any redness (both scars and fresh blemishes), doesn't clog pores, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin nor cause my eyes to tear. I have issues with many face primers, most scents bring tears to my eyes and leave a whitish cast. Used with the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch (as Jennypurr does) the end result is glowy, almost flawless skin which lasts.

I also got myself the much loved Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, and it really makes a huge difference in application of liquid foundation. You can use it with dry or liquid but I find it doesn't work so well with thicker formulas (creams, BB creams, waterproof makeup..) but with runnier foundations it really is perfect. Read the review at My Women's Stuff which piqued my interest.

In skincare news, I have incorporated REN into my regime and so far, so good. I also picked up the Invisible Pores mask (not pictured) from a recent REN event at Ken's Apothecary and unlike many clay masks, it doesn't dry the skin out. LOVE.

If you haven't heard of Hydraluron by now, you should Google it or read up on Caroline Hirons' Blog. Picked these up while I was in Melbourne and ZERO regrets. I think I have found my perfect Hydration serum (I use two, my second serum is an anti-ageing one). Haven't tried Snoxin but I have a feeling I won't be disappointed. Hopefully the brand makes it's way to Malaysia soon.

Latest additions to my growing colour wheel. I have a weakness for Chanel polishes. If you are ever stumped on gift ideas for me.. feel free to throw a polish or two my way. A list of colours I'm trying to find are on the right LOL.

Chanel Les Beiges has also made its way into my loved-list. The powder brush is so fine yet firm, it feels so good on the face. Don't take my word for it though, check it out in person.

I got this palette as a GWP at Luxola, an online beauty store which stocks Alpha-H's Liquid Gold (another of my current loves). The colours are so wearable and pretty!

L-R: Honey, Cherish, Lovesick, Sweetheart & Romantic
Fell in love with the Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain "Lovesick". It is flattering on all skin tones and you can keep applying to build the intensity. It even fades to a very nice, even stain. Definitely need more colours.

Rodial Candle sets
Candles are a luxury and essentials in my room, I do have quite a few.. but my favourites are diptyque's baies and the Sohum Vanilla Absolute (it's not Amber Noir but that's the only picture I found). I like it even more that it has a cedar wick! The website says- Sohum wood wick candles are an alternative to our cotton wicked candles, for a clean burn and vivid fragrance. The organic cedar wick makes a soothing crackling sound reminiscent of an open fire. A truly beautiful flame, mingled with our propriety creamy botanical wax blend make this candle a true eco delight for the candle connoisseur.

I'm always on the lookout for nice vanilla candles, do let me know if you love any!


  1. I want Honey, Lovesick and Sweetheart! Shame we don't have Revlon here in Seoul. Meh! Have Hydraluron and Chanel Les Beiges in my wishlist to try. Heard great things about them :)

    1. Hi Grace! Honey and Sweetheart were the other 2 colours I wanted too :D Is Hydraluron available in Seoul? They both are really good products, the Hydraluron is working well for me (:

  2. Hi Xen. I met you at the REN event, not sure if you still remember me though. LOL. Love your picks, such eye candies :-). Nice to know you bought some wonderful REN products too. I am a big fan of Caroline Hirons as well and saw you purchase Hydraluron just like Caroline would recommend. How do you use it, how many times a week and how is the effect so far?

    Does Chanel nail polishes really chip fast? I saw this post on Caroline's blog about stuff that her readers hate and quite a number of them just dissed this brand of nail polish. I have been curious about it ever since because I have never used them before.

    Meant to ask you since you are a big Clarins user. How do you find the Exfoliating toner which Caroline recommended before? I am still on the fence about using a second toner because it seems like too much trouble to incorporate so many products into my skincare.


    1. Hi Victoria :D I do remember you! I am surprised you remember me! Shannen introduced us, right? What did you pick up at the REN event? Yes, I read Caroline Hirons as well! Most of her recommendations and skincare tips (supplements, gentle cleansing, etc) make sense to me so I do adopt them.. except for the part where she doesnt use much sunscreen hehe.

      I use Hydraluron once a day, everyday, in the mornings only: Cleanser >> Toner >> Chanel Le Jour (Booster) >> Hydraluron >> Clarins Multi-Active serum >> Chanel Hydra Moisturizer. I've been using this for about 3 weeks already and I am happy with the results so far, my skin is more supple and I have a obvious laugh line which is now plumped up and much more faint. I have tried a few hydration serums before but many irritated my skin (Estee Lauder, Biotherm, even Clarins LOL), Payot had a good one but after I finished that I started with the Hydraluron. This is great for my sensitive and acne-prone skin as it is not oily at all and isnt scented.

      Chanel polish lasts quite well on me, if I take care of my fresh manicure (no using nails to pick at things, no hand-washing laundry, gentle dish washing haha) my nail growth shows even before it starts to chip. Then again I always feel the durability relies on the nail base and top coat used; not the polish brand (: I like Chanel polishes because of the beautiful and unique colours plus they are formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and DBP-free.

      HAHA I do use quite a bit of Clarins, as my mother has been using the brand for over 20 years and she has great skin. The Exfoliating Toner goes on only at night, and on alternate nights when I do not use Liquid Gold/REN F10 mask. Is your skin sensitive? If it isn't you could probably use it every morning/night as recommended by Caroline. My skin really needs all the help it can get as it gets congested easily if I do not exfoliate (gently) regularly. This is quite gentle on my skin and doesnt burn or sting at all. If it's too much maybe you can try incorporating it a few days a week and see how your skin likes it before committing? I know the Clarins counters are quite generous with samples (:

      Thanks for dropping by and have a great week ahead! :D

    2. I think I introduced myself to you as I recognised you from your blog. LOL. Still trying to remember which one was Shannen though. I picked up the cleanser and toner for combination skin and also the glycolactic radiance renewal mask. Quite like the toner but RM123 for 150 ml is a bit expensive. I might venture into Clarins toner when my REN one finishes since it is around the same price for 200 ml. I used Clarins when I was in my 20s but stop after some time to try other brands.

      The photographs on your blog are really beautiful. What type of camera do you use?


  3. Hi Victoria!

    Do you write somewhere or have Instagram? :D Would love to see what you get up to hehe.

    Most of my pictures are taken with an iPhone4s/5, and a few rare ones with a Canon s95 (usually for travels). With the quality of camera-phones so good these days, my real camera doesn't get much work anymore ;D

    1. hi there. unfortunately i don't have a blog and i am not on instagram because i have not jumped on the smartphone bandwagon yet. lol.