Wednesday, October 16, 2013

By Invite Only

Came across By Invite Only, a jewellery label via KinkyBlueFairy which uses raw crystals and semi-precious stones in their designs. I've always had an interest in stones and though I don't wear much stone-based jewellery, I actually do carry a crystal in my bag.

Yes, I am one of those who believe in the energy bearing/absorbing capabilities of certain stones. I also happen to find them beautiful and fascinating for some reason.

To come to think of it, most of the stone-based jewellery I have come across are in dated designs and nothing really appealed to me until now..

They have many more designs in the form of rings, bangles, earrings and even more necklaces but the ones I've posted are my favourites. Especially the Norma Necklace, here's the description for it-

Often mistaken for Obsidian or Onyx this black gemstone is none other than Black Tourmaline. A great stone for protection, dispelling negative energies (don't we all need this?), and turning the negative energy in ourselves to positive action.


So many beautiful pieces, I'm having a hard time deciding which to get first. International shipping is available and very reasonable too.

Taken from their site, "Crystals are mainly imported directly from Arkansas, USA or Brazilian mines. All pieces are hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen at By Invite Only's studio in Singapore, with crystals credited to Mother Nature."

Always supporting brands/pieces created with love and care.

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