Thursday, October 31, 2013

Late night thoughts...

Question 1: If you can't look someone you know in the eye to make any form of conversation, is it because you feel guilty or- you just don't want to be around them?

Question 2: Assuming you don't want to talk to nor be around this person, would you still consider yourselves as friends?

Question 3: If after an argument, saying your Sorrys and I Forgive Yous, but you find yourself having difficulty putting your ego aside to move on, did you actually mean those words then?

I won't regret anything that I have said and did, because I did it with all my heart. There is no right or wrong way but there's always the kind way.

There are many lessons in life, and for me this may well be one of the greatest.

Someone once asked me, "I don't understand why the whole group of friends would hang out at the cafe outside A's house but not call A when A is home. What kind of friends are they?".

I didn't have an answer then but I do know A is a nice person, great personality and no one would say otherwise about A. Those friends had no obvious reason to do what they did.. So I concluded that the issue lay with the group of friends, not A. 

So I have an answer to you now, if you are still reading: Exactly the kind of friend you are. 

Too old for drama and animosity, don't you think? 

Suggestion 1: Feeling left out of plans? Try making an effort instead of throwing yourself a pity party. 

Suggestion 2: Making an effort but getting rejected many times? Respect yourself enough to walk away. Stop talking to yourself- communication isn't a one way street.

I await the day I re-read this post and find the words to still hold their meaning. 

*I felt a shift inside today, couldn't pin point what it was but I felt elated, warm and fuzzy like a weight has been lifted and something good is taking place.*


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