Monday, October 7, 2013

Perfume: GUERLAIN Aqua Allegoria

These minis were picked up from the Melbourne airport a year ago. Love them all but gave Jasminora to my sister as I already have a beautiful Jasmine-based perfume (Marc Jacobs).

I was initially wary of Pampelune having read many reviews on MakeupAlley. The reviewers were split down the middle, they either loved it or hated it. Those who hated it claim it smells like cat-pee. Ick.

However, I am glad to say I fall into the former category, and my own scent blended well with this perfume. My nose picked up fresh bursts of sweet grapefruit, refreshing and unique among my other perfumes. I also made my sister sniff me multiple times just to make sure it wasn't offensive at all.

Bouquet Numero 2 is a sweet, floral and feminine scent- nice but for sweeter scents, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is my absolute favourite. 

Out of the lot, I would like to purchase the full size of Herba Fresca, this is a really fresh scent; I picked up notes of spearmint, grass, a little citrus maybe? Pampelune was the one I had set my heart on but after wearing Herba Fresca, I found it to be unlike any "fresh" fragrance I've worn.

The Aqua Allegorias don't last very long so re-application is necessary.

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